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Praise God,,,,,,, Our membeship cntinues to grow............ Our united voices have become more powerful. God Bless our all our members and thank you to the new members. Everyone of you is a power and united we are a powerhouse. We can make a difference.…Read More

New Members

I am extremely happy to announce 10 new members have joined over the Christmas Holiday. I extend a warm welcome to all. Our prayer chain is growing and our united voice is growing louder. I believe God is hearing our voice and is smiling down upon us with…Read More


A warm welcome to new members. This cause continues to grow. At a slow pace but steady. I praise God for all of you. Our united voices are becoming wonderfully loud. By standing together, we can accomplish anything and everything. At this time, we must pray…Read More


Keep the prayers for America going. Our united voice is being heard very clearly. Do not be timid in declaring your faith in God. He is in all of us and so there is no need of fear of persecution. Christians in America are rising up to take back what is…Read More


I am Blessed once again with new members to this cause. Praise God for the building unity amongst Christians. God Bless All Christians.


I am very Blessed to have all of you as members on this cause. God Bless All. I pray that our Lord will recognize and truely hear our prayers for his Blessing on America to continue. As a group in unity, it would be hard not to hear us. There are so many…Read More


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