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Please please please, share this cause with others, post it to your wall, share it on facebook, twitter or any other medium.

I never thought I would be directly afected with cancer. Yes, I had say in a room and thought, 1 in 3 get it, am I the 1 in the 3.

Sadly it was my husband. Cancer does not think, it does not care how young, old or how good you are. Nor does it care if you are a mother, father, brother, wife, husband or sister. It strikes, it takes and it leaves it's filthy stench.

It can be aggressive, it may be treatable, but it may come back. When you pay your medical insurance, you are preparing, ensuring you are protected. Invest in this cause, help find a cure. Protect yourself and others.

It is the lottery t no one wants to win, but it could be you or yours nextnext.

Please help, donate, however little, please donate. Thank you.

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