George Burt interview

There was a day that I couldn't get George Burt out of my mind. I was worried about him because of everything that he was going through so I wrote to Karen H at WISH tv and told her about it. She did an interview with him within days and it aired last night.…Read More

Candle Light Vigil for Eric Wells

October 6 2010 at 7 pm at the site of the murder... PLEASE COME!!!

Saturday banner signing!

We are now holding the banner signing on Saturdays! And they will be earlier since the cool weather has moved in! PLEASE come and show support for Eric Wells family! PLEASE come and show support for Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly as they continue their struggle…Read More


This page is a great way to get more national recognition to this cause and hopefully the right people will see it and come looking to see what's up. We will not stop and will not forget and this WILL be made right. Please invite all of your friends, even…Read More


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