Peace, Stability, and Rebuilding Kenya

My Friends, I know we all heaved a collective sigh of relief recently as Kofi Annan's mediation efforts went through and a power-sharing agreement has been established. We've had a week to relax and breathe... but don't be fooled. Our work isn't over. Our…Read More

The Kenya Peace Initiative - Taking Resistance a Step Further

Dear friends, It's easy to condemn the violence... but what are we doing about it? The Daily Nation today denounced the entire middle class of Kenya, saying we are not doing enough. I hate to say it, but they are right. The Kenya Peace Initiative has been…Read More

Ways to help - Plan of Action Outline

Over the past few days the MSN chats have been teeming with ideas, so I have created an outline of these ideas. The goal here is to help Kenya. Feel free to contribute in any way you can, in fact I would love it if you could. However, let's keep partisanism…Read More

Chats, Donations and Brainstorms for a united Kenya

Hey everyone, thanks for joining this cause. A few things I want to bring to everyone's attention: 1. For those of you who didn't see, we are having daily chats regarding the future of Kenya. These are at 4 PM Kenya time (which is 1 PM GMT). The next one is…Read More

I finally figured out how to make announcements!

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