Working together with people and communities to realize potential, initiate change and create opportunities

Alpha Communities was established in 1994 to give help and hope to children, families and communities affected by poverty in China and Mongolia. Alpha Communities works through a range of community development projects and programmes aimed at collaboratively tranforming lives. The organization has a focus on street kids and orphans in Mongolia running community education intiatives and several foster homes. In China the organization focuses on supporting kids from the poorest families through their education while supplimenting the programme with a range of interventions that include micro-loans, vocational training, service delievery and agricutural development. The organization has also recently begun a metropolis project supporting and training migrant women

1. People have potential that can be realized when they have the right opportunities

2. Kids do not deserve to have to fight for themselves on the streets

3. If one child can complete their education they will be in a position to support their whole family in developing contexts