A big Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who has joined this cause. I am finally back on my feet. We just found out were having another baby! Our fetal echo assesment is on March 16, 2009. Krysta is looking forward to being a big sister! We are hoping and praying this child is not…Read More

Update on mental health

On Thursday, February 21, 2008 We had an appointment with a Doctor and now we are observing Krysta's behaviour for a 2 week period. Observing different behaviours and how quickly they change. We have thought for years that she might be mildly Autistic, and…Read More

Posted new photos of Krysta with surgery pictures.

To whom ever wants to look it's in my photo albums. Some are hard to look at, but remember how she is now.

Krysta's school status

As of January 10, 2008, Krysta was awarded Student of the Week Award, and is the 2nd best speller in her classroom out of 20 children. Way to go girl!

Krysta's up to date health

As of January 7, 2008, Cardiology said there are no signs of heart failure as of yet, and that Krysta is in good health! Getting bigger and smarter everyday!
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