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Ancient Greek city threatened by Modern day needs

Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city, has been thriving since its founding year in 315 BC. Recent debates have taken place over a new metro line which would cover Thessaloniki's "Pompeii", an area which has been recently excavated and brought to light an ancient road and many archaeological finds from the city's ancient past. The company in charge of supervising the metro project felt that the preservation of the city was "technically unfeasible" and threatened to have these findings and the road which led to the ancient city's hearth removed within a few weeks. While the metro project would greatly benefit Thessaloniki, the danger of destroying its invaluable heritage is inconceivable. Solutions for uniting the city's ancient past to its present and future are of much debate. Fortunately, the company supervising the metro project has backed down from its initial demand for the ancient road to be removed from its original position. ( (

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