"Getty Museum to return 12th century New Testament to Greece monastery"

Excerpt from David Ng's article in the LA Times: "The Getty Museum has announced that it is voluntarily returning a 12th-century Byzantine illuminated New Testament to a monastery in Greece after learning that the item had been illegally removed from the…Read More

UNESCO pushes for a solution for the case of the Elgin Marbles

It has been one of the most highly controversial topics in the field of art and museums- the dispute between Britain and Greece over the Elgin Marbles seems to never end. Recently, UNESCO has taken a role as a mediator by request of Greece's cultural…Read More

Greece Requests the Return of the Victory of Samothrace

Alongside the long sought after Elgin marbles, Greece has recently displayed their desire for the return of the famous Victory of Samothrace, which was taken from the Greek island in 19th century and now resides, prominently placed in the Louvre Museum. While…Read More

Brothers are arrested for stealing antiquities

On the island of Milos police arrest and accuse two brothers for for violating legislation on the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage. Police searched the homes of the brothers and found that they had stolen several antiquities believed to be from…Read More

Remains of an ancient city discovered underwater

Off the coast of Zakynthos, the Ionian Sea Island the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities team revealed architectural remains of what appears to be an ancient city now submerged underwater. The site covers 30,000 sq. m. and remains of a courtyard and,…Read More

New excavation project to take place on the site of Ancient Sicyon

New excavations on the site of Ancient Sicyon and restoration of the ancient theater of Sicyon, one of the largest in antiquity, have been announced. The excavations, which will focus on the ancient sanctuary and stoa, will begin later this month and is…Read More

Stolen 4th ce BC coins returned to Greece

Switzerland returned over 100 silver coins dating back to the first half of the 4th century B.C. to Greece. The coins were stolen by a Belgian who has permanent residence in Greece and were confiscated at the Zurich Airport in 2011. The bilateral agreement…Read More
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