To make it illegal to have your cat or dogs vocal cords removed

Devocalization of Cats and Dogs is a sick practice. The people who ask vets to devocalize their dogs are usually breeders, show dog exhibitors, sled dog racers and hoarders. Breeders request the operation to keep their breeding operation quieter to avoid problems of nuisance. Very few pet owners request it.In fact the operation, as expected, is highly detrimental to the cat or dog. There is a risk of hemorrhage and infection. Scarring is common and may result in "a lifetime of gagging, coughing and difficulty breathing...and could lead to premature death by heat stroke, choking or aspiration pneumonia." The operation is inherently risky and it is irrelevant how skillful the vet is. Corrective surgery is not uncommonly required.

1. This is cruel plain and simple

2. It is wrong

3. It is our responsibility to be the voice of the voiceless