Matt has plans for The Bull

Update 16th Jan 2011 Can't say it's come as a surprise - but looks like Matt has plans to shut The Bull and develop it into property (one would assume flats). Looks like Lilian will fight for The Bull - but with Jolene again getting despondent, and Matt…Read More

It's not a race, but ...

Twitter has 581 followers for their We Love The Bull campaign - Facebook 513. Vlose, but I guess the Tweeters Love the Bull more than Facebookers do ……don't they? Invite everyone! Jolene recently reported that while the pub was busier, Christmas bookings…Read More

Sid bless us all - we're on the BBC!

At: "Harry's campaign to bolster Jolene's flagging enthusiasm for Ambridge's local pub has taken off in Ambridge, with a website, a meeting and now a T-shirt on the way. But Archers…Read More

More Tweeters support We Love The Bull than us Facebook chaps?

Wonderful news - on Twitter has reached a massive 361 followers! With the Facebook We Love The Bull cause sitting at 170 (which is still not a bad show at all), does that mean folks on Twitter care more about The Bull…Read More

Fallon is now on Facebook showing her love for The Bull

Here's Fallon's group: And don't forget Harry over on Twitter

Why do we need to save The Bull by showing how much we love it?

Here's a few snippets about The Bull from 2010: March Sid and Jolene depart for New Zealand leaving Fallon in charge June The Bull is centre stage during Sid's memorial “There’s only…Read More

Save the Bull by showing We Love The Bull!

Ambridge's only pub, The Bull, cannot be turned into flats. Not that this is the plan ... as yet. Jolene needs to stay at the pub. So we have to show her that We Love The Bull. Join Harry's cause. The more members, the more chance we have of snapping…Read More
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