Dance 4 Oceans danced at SEA Pulse films in Venice, CA

Plastic Trash Zombies danced to raise awareness about plastic trash pollution!!!

SEA Pulse films is tomorrow. Join us!

Join us and let's rethink together!

Visit our fan page!

Please visit our fan page and become a fan!!/Dacne4Oceans?sk=wall To sign up for our future events, please email to: [email protected]

SEA PULSE films was successful!

We had great crowds in the theatre. Many left very positive reviews and of course, Dance 4 Oceans' Plastic Trash Zombies won their hearts! (Watch the posted video!) We are planning to do SEA PULSE films in different cities. Let's have fun for a great cause!!


Come join us for our film presentation. A few documentary films will show the beauty and the threats of the ocean. You will meet great speakers and local activists who fight against plastic pollution which is killing marine animals and entering the food…Read More

Our first film screening evnet!

Dance 4 Oceans and Macdonald Productions are opening the first film screening event on Jan. 22, 2011! We will be able to show the films that describe what is really happening in the ocean and how the local challengers are working on this plastic pollution…Read More

Please tell your community or schools about us!

We would like you to join us or help us raising public awareness about plastic pollution. Please let us know if you know any community or school wants to get involved. We can visit them and create a program to learn the facts of plastic pollution. Please…Read More
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