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Give 'em the tools…

Written when Gordon Brown was prime Minister...

Time and again, it's always the same
They buy their own kit, yet serve in our name
Mere pawns in a massive political game
Whilst those at home hang their heads in shame.

From the mud-filled trenches of northern France
To Helmand province we have barely advanced
Our 'Tommies' bought waders and stuff for the mud
'Cos what they were issued was no bloody good

Be they sons or daughters or husbands or wives
They pay for our freedom by offering their lives
Prepared to face death, to go through sheer hell
Without all the tools to do the job well

To have the right gear is not much to ask
In order to properly fulfil the task
We know that it costs to supply all that is proper
But our army still has more horses than choppers

We ask a great deal of our military 'mob'
Take Churchill's advice and now 'finish the job'
"Gordon, please listen", then act with all speed
Just give them the kit and the men that they need.

©2008 Tez Watson

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