Old Bailey Steps

I hear the cheers I hear the sighs I hear the truth I hear the lies I feel the sorrow in their feet As guilty with their lawyers meet I feel the joy as freed they walk Feel their excitement as they talk I hear the lawyers statements, read All the things he…Read More

Soulja Boy

Artist Soulja Boy, has released a new song that includes the phrase "FUCK THE ARMY TROOPS" he continues on to say how "hard" and "real" he is and how "fake" our (VETS) are. I am going to test the power of social networking and see if this reaches him, but…Read More

A Fond Farewell (to RAF Kinloss)

A Fond Farewell No more their light blue suits With bayonets fixed And shiny boots Farewell to our "Brylcreem Boys" With military band No Nimrod noise Gone now their blue berets From the High Street With cheered "Hurrays" Still though the local pride In…Read More

The Spider In My Wing Mirror

There's a spider in my wing mirror I see him every day It's usually in the morning I think he's there to stay There's a spider in my wing mirror He's really quite at home Behind the moulded plastic And hidden by the chrome There's a spider in my wing…Read More

The Aden Cook

To a soldier said "Now don't be rude" "Please just eat my wholesome food" The chef that day was out of luck As the soldier shot the Aden cook The moral being "Don't ever trifle With a man who has a loaded rifle"

Give 'em the tools…

Written when Gordon Brown was prime Minister... Time and again, it's always the same They buy their own kit, yet serve in our name Mere pawns in a massive political game Whilst those at home hang their heads in shame. From the mud-filled trenches of…Read More


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