Where will you be on the day of the Royal Wedding Day? http://accessibleplaces.net/2011/04/26/where-were-you-on-the-royal-wedding-day/

In a global initiative to provide wheelchairs for 65 million people in the World who need one and to create employment opportunities for disabled people, please help us by providing information about a wheelchair accessible place (for eg. a restaurant, a…Read More

Its more than wheelchairs now! Its about all disABILITY and rights! Wheelchairs is still my focus 1st though!

I have just come back from PNG where I was invited to attend a 2 day workshop for - MAKE THE RIGHT REAL, it now seems that my wheelchair journey was only the path to bigger things. I am proud to say that I will be working with the govt. depts and people of…Read More

Updates on PNG at www.joinhelen.com

I have just posted three more real life stories of people needing a wheelchair in PNG. Please take a moment to check www.joinhelen.com Many exciting things happening behind the scenes, I will post when I can confirm. I have moved to Sydney, more contacts.…Read More

Finally updated visit to PNG at www.joinhelen.com - we made front page of PNG newspaper!

Hi, sorry for lack of contact, many things been happening. I can finally say I have started to update www.joinhelen.com re my PNG visit. Please help continue to share, we have started a movement in PNG and the whole country is talking about what we are trying…Read More

Thank you!

Hi thank you to all the people who have joined our cause so far. I am still getting to putting my PNG stories up, sorry for the delay. I am on a mission to get this all happening after being with the unfortunate people in PNG who live on the ground or who are…Read More

We made front page of the PNG newspaper and have been on radio!

Hi all, sorry for the delay. I live in Brisbane and had fortunately been able to leave Brisbane prior to the major flood to be safe. I am grateful where I live was all ok. I will be heading back sometime week. PNG a huges success, I have 3 wonderful stories…Read More

I am off to PNG this Wednesday - 50,000 wheelchairs needed there!

I am going to live in a village with my wonderful friend Joyce. I will also be meeting with a few other people to get more of an understanding of what the requirements for PNG are. It is ridiculous to think that in the 2011 we still need so many wheelchairs…Read More
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