Women's Global Justice Org.

Please check all sites- we now have multi media broadcasting/, We are specializing in missing children and are requesting videos to upload to our production library for live broadcasting. Women's Global Justice Org. Rock Against Abuse © Rock The…Read More

Rock Against Abuse

© Rock The Silence -Rock Against Abuse is the 21st Century Movement On Sat. April 23, 2011 presented by: The Women's Global Justice Organization official website- http://www.wix.com/moosicman/wgjo / ( website- Email - [email protected])…Read More

Recycle For HUmanity

Recycle against abuse

Rock The Silence

April 23, 2011- Recycling event for all humanity "Put Down The Coffee" Campaign I would like to share alittle information about this organization and it's purpose. What I am trying to do with my non profit organization is to make a difference for the lives…Read More
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