Greener Tomorrow is Moving to a Facebook Fan Page

Dear supporters, I haven't found causes to be very effective in attracting people to read updates. Therefore, I have set up a regular Facebook Fan page for the Greener Tomorrow project Also, we have a new,…Read More

Tree Planting on Thai Mothers' Day 12th August 2012

We are traveling to Chaiyaphum on the 12th August 2012 to plant trees and make an offering to Asom Wiwek temple towards land. If you would like to make a donation / offering, please donate via Paypall on the project website…Read More

View of trees planted on World Environment Day 2011

We need your help to ensure that World Environment Day 2012 builds on the work done since 2010, planting more than 33,000 trees in partnership with Buddhist Monks in Chaiyaphum, NE Thailand. Please donate at or contact Peter Richards…Read More

Calling for support for World Environment Day 2012

Since August 2010, the Greener Tomorrow team have been working with Buddhist Monks and community members at Asom Wiwek Meditation Center in Chaiyaphum, Northeast Thailand to create a new, green forest space. The aim of our project is to raise funds to buy 84…Read More

Tree Planting in Chaiyaphum on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, friends from 20 provinces and 5 countries donated time and funds to buy land and plant trees at Asom Wiwek, Chaiyaphum. It was an inspiring and great fund day. We raised over 1,000,000 Thai Baht and planted more than 20,000…Read More

Only 1 week to World Environment Day - Please Help Us Plant 84,000 Trees!

Dear friends, Only one week remains until the first big tree plant and English - Environment camp on World Environment Day, 5th June 2011. We are now busy raising funds, and greatly appreciate any assistance to help us towardcs the goal of 84,000 trees on…Read More

5th June Tree Planting Deadline Approaching - Please Help Us Raise Funds to Buy Land!

Friends, Tree Planting and an English and Environment camp are confirmed to be held at Asom Wiwek Buddhist Meditaton Center, Chaiyaphum on 5th June, World Environment Day. Our team are rasing funds now to buy land to plant more trees. Deadline to help is…Read More
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