Update on Rich Dube November 8, 2010

I spoke to Rich yesterday. he is in good spirits, and goes to therapy at Helen Hayes twice a week. He told me that he is still sore and asked me to convey his thanks for all the well wishes, members of the community and Face book that reached out and helped…Read More

Aflc update

The area coordinator from Aflac called me back this morning to assure me that he is working with the PBA to ensure a claim form is filled out and submitted properly to help ensure payment is made to Rich. Thanks to all who also reached out (Melissa R) .…Read More

Rich is HOME!

Yesterday September 30, 29 days since Rich was overcome at the Rockland County REACT (SWAT) Team tryouts, Rich went home. Before they left the Taylor care pavilion at WCMC, Jodi again thanked the members of the community, the Town of Ramapo PBA, The Town of…Read More

Update on Rich Wednesday 9/29/10 RICH IS GOING HOME!!!!

Rich is scheduled to be discharged from the Taylor Care Pavilion on the campus of Westchester County Medical Center tomorrow (Thursday 9/30/10) to go home. Jodi told me "Words cannot articulate the appreciation we have for the support we have gotten from the…Read More

Update on Rich 9/24/10

I got this update from Rich's wife Jodi and am very happy to pass this one on. Rich was moved from the main hospital to the acute therapy building. If all goes well he will have a week or 2 worth of physical therapy and then home. Please keep praying that we…Read More

Status as of 9/22/10

Rich was moved to a regular room (411) at WCMC. He took his first steps yesterday. His progess has been very good, his determination is unmatched. Send him a get well card, it always helps to know people are in your corner. Send cards to Rich Dube, Room 411,…Read More

Staus as on Wednesday 9/15/2010

I visited Rich in the hospital Wednesday 9/15. He was having another test to ensure that the tube that put in during his second surgery was functioning properly. He is still very weak and thankful for his visitors and others that have supported him and his…Read More
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