we are the target!!

ever wondered why the ESMA or similar provision of the law is not invoked

when truck unions go on strike and paralyse the country...even basic commodity prices touch the roof...

when the bankers cause hundreds of crores worth of economic loss to the country with their strike and still manage to have their demands considered almost every time they do so..

when demonstrations by reservation demanding groups from varied communities descend on major cities and disrupt normal life.....precious lives are lost when patients cant reach the healthcare facilities on there any action taken on these groups......?

numerous other instances should make u think as to why only we as doctors are targeted vehemently in case we protest....

many would rightly point out that we are responsible for the live of people which cant be compared to commodities or in economic terms.....very right....but aren't people responsible for these lives deserve to be treated accordingly .....

why then would we be governed by the 'applied' labour laws and that too so blatantly broken as are the other laws....who has ever worked just 48 hrs per week anyway!! (mind u, exceptions r always there).

why would we be equated to every other govt employee when it comes to salaries....many states have not even fully implemented 5th pay commission...let alone 6 th pay commission.

why does a clerk demand thousands and lakhs of rupees for getting us selected in good hospitals as j/r or s/r......and we pay toooo.

so many injustices being done (shall be put forward subsequently) and still we r silent spectators and making a fool of ourselves

rise brethren ......for ur pride!!

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