thanx a million for the WiLL bring change...a positive one!!

wud like to reach out to all of u out there who felt that we deserve to uplift ourselves from this 'decline' in sociocultural status despite being selfless in contributing to the society as a whole.....thank you everyone!! i hope our message will continue to…Read More

who is to blame..??

hello friends taknig our agenda forward, its time to ponder.. is it doctors against doctors? administrators against doctors? politicians against doctors? i guess u would agree significant resistant we have for our rights is from our own seniors who think…Read More

we are the target!!

ever wondered why the ESMA or similar provision of the law is not invoked when truck unions go on strike and paralyse the country...even basic commodity prices touch the roof... when the bankers cause hundreds of crores worth of economic loss to the country…Read More

wake up docs!!

if u believe that we as doctors have done rightfully enough for our people and we certainly deserve better treatment than being beaten up by patients and their attendants... if it hurts u, when ever we try to protest and our hues and cries are subdued in the…Read More


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