ONLY 2 hours and 5 minutes left...we are on da count down.....

Auction ends at midnight October 24th PST....make sure to get your bids in on time. PLEASE NOTE: ALL winning bidders will be notified by PM on Monday October 25th. Given the late hour when da auckyshen ends, Einstein and his Meowmy wills be weady to falls…Read More

Action for Animals in Distress Society Auction, drawing to a close

Sunday at midnight is the deadline for bidding on your favorite items for da Auction. We still has many good items that are at very reasonable prices, and some beautiful art work that we would really like to see some higher bids on. These personal pieces…Read More

Auction and other news

Ifs anyone else woulds likes to donates items to da Action for Animals in Distress Society Auction, tomorrow will be da last day for posting new items. We fank all of our fwends dat have sent pickytures and items. It has been such an out pouring of love from…Read More

Action for Animals in Distress Society Auction to commence today at high noon PST

Hello everyone, We can't thank you enough for being a part of our cause. It is because of the support of all 1672 of you that we keep moving onward. Today October 18th/ 2010 we are running our first and probably one of the largest facebook auctions that…Read More

Action for Animals in Distress Society Auction "Samson's Song" To start soon

Just to let everyone know, I had intended to get the FB site up and running for Action before the auction, however, I'm quickly running out of time. Do to personal commitments, rescuing, working and life in general, I have only been able to keep up with the…Read More

New item recieved

Hello all....I have mentioned in some of the previous postings that we will be having an auction for Action for Animals to help with the ongoing needs of the Seniors for Seniors program. If we have the money to go on with food, then we can use other…Read More

What a great day!!!

So far we have had 125 dollars in donations...thank you friends...that's 250 tummies full! It's my birthday today, and I'm bugging everyone to check their couch cushions their car seats, or under their beds for 1 dollar, so we can deliver a couple of flats…Read More
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