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New "Marc Emery" Page

First, if you aren't already part of the group "No Extradition for the BC3" with over 3,000 members, please join it now! That's the main Facebook Cause for supporting Marc Emery/the BC3 in the fight against extradition to the USA:

Secondly, Marc reached his Facebook friend limit of 5,000 people so he started a "Page" for more fans and supporters to keep in touch. If you want to help him campaign in the election or fight extradition to the USA, or if you want to stay on top of whatever he's up to, become a "supporter" on the new Marc Emery Page! Then share it with everyone you know.

The extradition hearing begins this December 1st, for five days in court. After that it resumes on February 9th to the 17th. We need to get hundreds of thousands of people calling the Canadian Justice Minister and saying "No Extradition"!

Be sure to visit for everything related to this fight. Print pamphlets, sign petitions, email newspapers, call politicians, do something to save Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams from life in US prison.

Peace and Love,

Jodie Emery
(Mrs. Marc Emery)

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