No Eggs UFG June 15-17

Just a reminder to those who want to participate in the no eggs UFG on June 15-17, that starts tomorrow. There are no set rules on the exact time you start or finish, it's up to you. Our goal is not annamosity, but instead, a sign of solidarity among those…Read More

No Eggs UFG Scheduled for the 15th-17th of June

We haven't done anything lately as a group, but I have been asked to suggest a boycott of putting eggs up for grabs again. No one is EXPECTED to do this unless they choose to, but EVERYONE is invited. Tell your friends, recruit new members. Buddies, a few of…Read More

Let's Team Up & Fight Unfair Gaming!

It is obvious that many of us want to see the games become fair & polite, therefore, making them fun again. We started this cause aiming at getting the players to be polite & have the developers respect our privacy. I would like to recommend another…Read More

Trying To Impower The People Through Info They Need To Know

Dear EB Friends, First of all, I want to thank each & every one of you. I have gained some of my best EBs through this cause. All we asked was for some privacy, respect, & courtesy. I have recently discovered that on streamers, (which I have blocked,…Read More

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

Dear EBs, Since FB has bigger fish to fry than a bunch of unhappy egg hunters, what with the privacy invasion being investigated by the FBI, we have decided to take matters into our own hands! This is strictly a voluntary move for those who WANT to…Read More

Successful Mission!

Thank you to all who participated in our "NO EGGS UFG for 48 HOURS". We made a statement & people took notice. I won't tell you that the problems are all solved, but we let them know we are serious. To those of you who signed up late, we thank you for…Read More

Corrected Reminder For No EUFG! Sorry for the Fopaux!

EBs, As I promised, here is another reminder about not posting eggs up for grabs beginning tomorrow. US Pacific Time Zone time starts at 4pm on the 13th & goes to 4pm on the 15th. US Mountain Time Zone starts at 5pm on the 13th, US Central starts at 6pm…Read More
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