Back to Nominate Adbul Sattar Edhi for a Nobel Peace Prize

Update - Gaining Momentum

Dear believers,

I just wished to share the following two bits of information.

This cause is NOT 'just a platform of appreciation' of this gentleman and his work. We are ACTUALLY working towards the nomination for the Nobel Prize.

While some of us are dealing with the formalities, we will still need to amass as many and as widely diverse group of people to support the cause. This modern form of expression of popularity adds to the credibility of the application in a unique way.

Kindly pass on the beacon and do the following two things for this end -

1) Take the pledge of inviting 300 people to the cause over 4 days
2) Actively recruit AT LEAST 10 people

The recent momentum has been tremendous -
Day/Date Joined Increase
Wed, Sep 15 369 +43.6%
Tue, Sep 14 257 +77.2%
Mon, Sep 13 145 +51.0%
Sun, Sep 12 96 +23.1%
Sat, Sep 11

This is all quite literally for goodness sake!


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