Since He's Gone

Six years ago we started the first of two rounds of this effort. Today, as this great man is greeted by his proud Maker I rephrase my cause. Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a man like Abdul Sattar Edhi means nothing to him and his cause, it only vindicates…Read More

We Have Reached a Milestone!

Sending this out to 42,102 members! Mr Edhi has been Nominated! We now need to rally everyone to mark his support here to show the committee how many people he has touched. Once again - get people to join this group!


Dear Believers, Please sign the petition on this link - We have 40,000+ here and there are 60,000+ there. Together we could be 100,000!! Please sign ASAP and Pass It ON! Let's MAKE THIS…Read More

On Your Status!

**RE-Requesting ALL to please SPREAD THIS** Abdul Sattar Edhi has helped infinite Pakistanis It's PAY BACK TIME! Let's Get Him the Nobel Prize!!! Sign this petition and forward it!

The First Step

Dear Believers, Reference to the link below you can follow the process of Nobel Laurette nomination. It is understood that the Qualified Nominators include - 1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states; 2. Members of international…Read More

Update - Gaining Momentum

Dear believers, I just wished to share the following two bits of information. This cause is NOT 'just a platform of appreciation' of this gentleman and his work. We are ACTUALLY working towards the nomination for the Nobel Prize. While some of us are…Read More


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