The PA Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition envisions a Commonwealth where every life is valued and every person has the support necessary to recognize and embrace their value.

A Suicide Prevention Task Force was formed in 2005 to raise awareness of the problem of suicide in the Commonwealth.
In partnership with the Pennsylvania
Departments of Public Welfare, Aging, Health, State Police and Corrections, community advocacy organizations, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Task Force expanded to a Statewide Coalition in 2009. As the Coalition develops, it continues to sponsor statewide educational and outreach events and to support the efforts of local task forces in the commonwealth.

1. Adults, those age 20-64, represent the largest group in sheer numbers of suicides in the Commonwealth

2. Middle-aged white men have the highest rate of suicide of all age groups

3. Suicide behavior in late life is intentional and lethal, especially among older white males