January update

Sorry it's been so long between updates. This week the Crusade was back at the Marlboro Middle and Elementary schools! We gave the physical portion of the abduction prevention skills and even added some bully protection skills. These kids continue to be our…Read More

Van Wyck start

Greetings everybody, this week we finish the Van Wyck Jr High classes that we began in the fall! Hope they remember what we taught 'em. If anyone has a group that wants the program, let me know. We have several spots open on the calendar and we try to fit…Read More

end of January update

Hello friends of the Crusade, we just finished the physical classes at Van Wyck Jr High this week!! In the last 2 weeks, we've reached 2800 kids!! We put several other instructors up front a little bit this week and they were a success, the kids loved them.…Read More

VAn Wyck Jr. High

Thursday, October 20, 2011, had us at Van Wyck Jr. High in East Fishkill. We presented our internet safety and awareness course to the 6th grade. This is a great school, having been back here for the last 5 years! The kids were attentive and asked good…Read More

remember the Crusade for summer

Sorry about the delay in the updates. Our school season ended with Marlboro Middle School. The last 3 days of their school year had us presenting to them again! The kids did a good job considering vacation was an hour away. Keep the Crusade in mind for any…Read More

(no subject)

Just finished a Rape Awareness and Defense class for some juniors in the Cornwall High School. The junior class president, Katie K., did a phenomenal job organizing this class and all of the proceeds went to benefit the junior class! Katie, next year when we…Read More

(no subject)

Wow! what a week!! we finished the Pakanasink Elementary school today! Another 500 kids trained!!! Great school! Even better kids!! This is our last scheduled school for the year, but who knows, we may have some last minute training to do prior to summer…Read More
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