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Children Going To Bed Hungry

I was challenged to start this cause by a Brit who wanted me to join his cause for World Hunger. Nothing wrong with helping children across the world. But I KNOW what it's like to go to bed hungry. My mother was left with 8 children at home when I was 4 with not High school Diploma (they were supposed to marry well back then), so she just had sewing skills. She worked at a Drapery shop for $65-75 a week. Even though it was the early 70's, I doubt it would barely have paid her bills and fed her alone, much less all of us. So we had our free lunch at school and maybe some beans for supper, if we were lucky. But that was our really good meal. I don't think any of us could understand why anyone complained about the cafeteria food. To us it was like a 5 star restaurant.

There are many children in that same boat today, they only have their meals at schools. Some even take half of their food home to younger siblings who aren't yet in school. Can you imagine? Something really has to be done to help these children.

I know that times are hard, but everyone finds themselves with items that they didn't mean to buy, or maybe an extra can of this or that. Even I do and I rarely have enough for myself. There's always a church nearby, if you can't afford to donate money. Most churches have some type of Loaves and Fishes kind of program to help the hungry. More and more people are turning to these since so many have been hit by the recession. I plead with all of you to please look in your cabinets and just do a double take to see what you can spare. I'm sure you'll be able to find something.

Also, I really do like the idea I saw on the website about children having parties where their gifts are cash donations for feeding the poor. You would need to make sure to get a Money order so it could be sent to the cause and give receipts to the parents. Children feel really good about themselves when they can help other children, so this is not totally ridiculous.

Just please, give one of these a try. Thank you for reading and joining the cause!

Robin Stewart Stone

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