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Barathi Girls Hostel Fundraiser is Underway!!


Dear ODAM supporters!

As you know, we have recently launched a fundraising campaign to support ODAM's Barathi Girls' Hostel during an unexpected emergency. One month ago, former volunteers set out to raise £5000 by September 1 to help make renovations to the ODAM Thiruchuli office where the girls are currently residing, help support their ongoing costs of living and education and put a down payment on land for ODAM to begin the process of building a new hostel and community center.

In just one month, volunteers from around the world have rallied together to raise over £2000!! We recently sent £900 to ODAM and they were able to build a kitchen attached to the office to better accommodate the girls while they are staying there. Check out the picture!

Thank you so much for your support! We are almost halfway there. If you can help, please visit: The website is currently down, but keep trying!

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