To rescue child labourers in rural India, give them them an education and help them to empower their communities

Over 17 million children work as child laborers, often in hazardous conditions in mines, cotton mills and brick factories. Girls as young as five work 12 hour days to supplement the family's income or start saving for their marriage dowry.

Many rural Indian families earn less than $1 a day and rely on the child's wage to pay for food and medical bills. As a result these girls are losing their childhood, missing out on an education and becoming trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

For the last 15 years ODAM has worked with rural communities in South India to rescue child labourers and give them an education. ODAM works with the community at all levels and provides:

-Advice on micro finance, allowing families to escape exploitative loan sharks

-A three year accelerated learning programme to educate the girls to primary school level

- Comprehensive medical care, study materials and tuition, clothing and food

-Accommodation at the Barathi Girls Hostel while they attend secondary School

- Additional vocational training in tailoring, soap production and sewing.

Over 85 girls have completed the primary programme and 60% have progressed to the local secondary school. However demand for places is growing rapidly and ODAM needs additional funds to continue the programme.

It costs just £20/month to educate a girl for a year, giving her the opportunity to empower her community and break the cycle of poverty.

ODAM currently supports 100 girls in the 6th to 8th standards at the Narikudi KGBV School, and 30 girls in the Barathi Girls Hostel studying 9-12th standards and vocational training. The need far exceeds capacity and we need your help!

Quick facts!

1. 17 million children are employed in India often in dangerous conditions in cotton mills and brick chambers

2. ODAM provides education, accommodation and medical care for over 100 former child labourers

3. Visit: www.odamindia.org/sponsorship for more information and to donate now!