ANSVSA Romania - Suspend ASPA' Bucharest activities until a FULL investigation is done regarding the legality of all their actions and decisions


Dear friends and supporters of the RIGHT TO LIVE of stray dogs in Romania,
Very disturbing, violent and apparently illegal actions of dog catchers belonging to ASPA Bucharest took place recently in the Romanian Capital. Not only there are countless complaints about these people horrible cruelty towards the dogs, about their trespassing of PRIVATE PROPERTIES, about their verbal and physical agression towards people, about them snatching dogs from their owners arms, but about a RAID ordered by Razvan Bancescu - Project Manager at ASPA - in a private shelter, confiscating 90 dogs all of them with all the documents in order, ready to go to their adoptive families who PAID for them, killing by they way they captured the dogsm some of them, at least 5, but also the VIOLATION of Human rights, Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights of some people whose name have been placed on a public "Black List" made by Razvan Banescu, without ANY legal authority. Please be so kind and read the information about the ABUSES these individual commit on a daily basis, willingly breaking the LAW for the management of stray dogs, and many more , in the links beneath the following petitions, which I BEG YOU ALL to sign
ANSVA : Suspend the activity in Mihailesti shelter for breaking the law 258/2013
Attorney General of Romania, please order a thorough investigation into all activities and decisions taken by ASPA Bucharest
Prime-Minister Victor Ponta : quash the law which allows the mass killing of stray dogs!
Please get more information about the latest abuses and cruelty committed by employees from ASPA Bucharest, from these links
Brutal Massacre at Four Paws Dog Shelter, Romania
Austria's biggest TV station (ORF) showed yesterday in the eveningnews the brutal attack. heres the link:
And here, please take a look at the dog catchers on the streets of Bucharest, a CAPITAL city in the 21st century, in a country member of the EU...
Romanian Dog Cruelty. ASPA [Dog Catchers] STORM Vier Pfoten shelter
PLEASE sign and share all these petitions.
Thank you so much


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