The fate of stray dogs in Romania looks horribly dark. Please continue to sign the petitions and invite friend to take the pledge


Dear friends,
since the tragic accident, where a 4 years old child lost his life, the Romanian media started a horrible campaign to manipulate the population,incite people to hate and acts of cruelty towards animals, and made some elected officials to start talking about KILLING all dogs in public shelters, ALTHOUGH it still is illegal.
I beg you to sign the petitions and this one in particular, a new petition created especially for the poor stray dogs in Romanya by Occupy for Animals.

In this article they inform about the poisoning of tens of dogs in Moreni as revenge for the tragic accident in Bucharest

Here, the Mayor of Timisoara pledges to EXTERMINATE all packs of dogs from the city...

The Mayor of Bucharest decided to start killing the dogs which are now in the public sheltesr, starting next week...

There are still so many unanswered questions regarding the accident, because those twoo poor little children, wondered around all alone, in that park until they got on a construction site which was a private property - fenced -...and so far nobody questioned in any way, form or shape the person who basically let them go wherever they wanted...
Anyways, we still hope that this hysteria launched by the media, will not poison people reason, conscience, humanity and civility...and , in the end they will decide NOT to start a blood shed and a slaughter of the innocent...
Thank you all so much, for taking the pledge...PLEASE sign and share this petition too, and make it viral !
God Bless you All !


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