Save The Ghurkas

Hello people I would like to say something that happened last year, Joanna Lumley whose father was a Ghurka, managed to get rights for them living in Britian I will back that all the way but the present Government has not honoured that agreement as there are…Read More

save the Ghurkas

come on people we are almost at 13,000, we are climbing the ladder but it is going too slow, we will need to get out & about our towns cities & villages to get more support for these lovely people Joanna Lumley will be so proud of us, lets show her…Read More

Save the Ghurkas

As creator of the save Ghurkas I would like to thank everyone for joining the cause & the group but what we must do is keep recruiting to make the cause as big as possible try & get as many friends as possible to join the group as well as the cause…Read More


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