Changes in accordance with election rules

'Vote for Public Transport, Dunedin' has ceased endorsing any particular candidate or policy in the Local Body Elections 2010. Readers and supporters of this campaign are directed to advocate for Public Transport in Dunedin generally speaking in future but…Read More

Voted yet?

Get those postal votes in to a New Zealand Post letter box before the "cleared at" time written on the letter box, TODAY (Wednesday) or you will miss the post. If you are too late, don't panic: simply deliver your voting envelope by hand to DCC Customer…Read More

Crunch time: here's our voting guide

These DCC candidates indicated in our survey their support for DCC taking over public transport from ORC: Cull Hawkins Turner Marlow Tozer McRae Hudson Stevenson Gallagher McTavish Guest Clark Watson Tait. These DCC or ORC candidates indicated in our survey…Read More

Now 117 of us!

Thanks for joining and a warm welcome. You can also help by "liking" us on Facebook, the page there is also called "Vote for public transport, Dunedin". The voting papers go out in just a few days........

Olive McRae's questionnaire response

1. Do you consider the current ORC’s goal of ‘providing a quality, safe and affordable public transport service within Otago’ is being met? No absolutely not. I believe that the DCC must have control of the bus service, so that when planning for the CIty,…Read More

Questions for candidates

These questions for candidates were devised at a meeting on public transport held at Port Chalmers recently (DCC candidates are particularly directed to the final question): 1. Do you consider the current ORC’s goal of ‘providing a quality, safe and…Read More
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