My Future, My Vote!

Students are voicing their opinions that they would like to vote and have a say in the development of our island which they would like to return to after their studies to further develop our island nation! Let your voices be heard and stand up for your…Read More

Arrindell: Imperative that all St. Maarteners abroad vote! Mark Williams drafts voting reform law

To all my supporters and fellow St. Maarteners who support the right for all native St. Maarteners living abroad to vote in St. Maartens elections, finally after 13 years a major step and recognition has been made! Please read page 7 of today's Daily Herald…Read More

Julio Romney drafts electoral reform!

please post my cause to your timeline!

Dear supporters 3 years have come and gone and still the electoral law has not been amended to allow native St. Maarteners living abroad to vote in the Parliamentary elections. Don't allow us again to be deprived of our democratic right to decide our…Read More

The reason why I have started this initiative

I kindly ask for your attention pertaining the following. I have taken the initiative to start a petition on the internet to have the electoral laws changed so that native Sint-Maarteners and students studying, working and living in Holland will have the…Read More

Please recruit supporters

Dear friends, In less than 1 day we have gained 50 supporters for this very worthy cause! Please recruit supporters among your friends so that the word is passed on. The more supporters we get the stronger our petition will be in Parliament so that the…Read More

How many supporters should we put as a goal for our cause?

I was wondering how many supporters do we need for this issue to be addressed? How many signatures were needed to endorse a political party? Lets say we get between 300 and 500 supporters of this cause, will it then be addressed and the electoral laws…Read More


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