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Good Morning Saints, By Sandy Burress

I wanted to share with you what I wrote in my journal this morning. Part of it is me writing to the Lord and the other part is what he said back to me. We are in the beginning of sorrows as mentioned in Matt 24. This earthquake/tsunami thing is still very fresh in our memories and our prayers go out for the people of Japan. I don't remember this kind of thing happening as a you? I believe that the birth pains are getting more frequent and more intense. People are always trying to figure out prophecy..when will Jesus come back? I don't know when exactly, but what we can know for sure is all the stuff He madeclear through scripture.

We are not to be attached to this world. Weare to lay our lives down for the gospel. Weare to love one another with a fervent love. What you saw in the videos of Japan is a snapshot of the foolishness and uselessness of trusting in the things of this world. Here is the journal entry. God Bless,

By Sandy Burress

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