Open Letter to All believers

Open Letter To All Believers You can read this at our website :

Good Morning Saints, By Sandy Burress

I wanted to share with you what I wrote in my journal this morning. Part of it is me writing to the Lord and the other part is what he said back to me. We are in the beginning of sorrows as mentioned in Matt 24. This earthquake/tsunami thing is still very…Read More

Abiding By Sandy Burress

Abiding I am just sitting here thinking about my own faithfulness to you. I wonder if I should be pursuing you more, Lord. I think about the country we live in and how blessed we are....or are we? There are so many distractions here. We can wander from the…Read More

The Truth about Tithing, By R.S. Neaville

As we mature as Christians we come to find out that many of our practices are based more on tradition than biblical requirements. The thinking and concerns of men have long since ferreted their way into the practices and doctrines of Christian experience. The…Read More

New Congregation in Dallas Tx

A new congregation dedicated to the unity of the Body of Christ and the purity of the Gospel has begun in earnest in DFW please all pray for it to grow!

Rules for Biblical Prophecy, by R. S. Neaville

In these days the subject of biblical prophecy has become more of an industry that an area of serious study. So-called prophecy teachers and televangelists sell their speculations and musings for big money. Whether we are talking about Hal Lindsey, Grant…Read More


unity is submission to God! let us humble ourselves together as 1!
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