Natalia Estemirova defended the human-right to freedom of speech. We aim to keep her memory and her work alive by providing scholarship programmes to women human-rights defenders and journalists

Wars and conflicts ravage the world. People living in conflict affected countries need their story and truth to be told and heard but telling the truth is a brave task. Journalists and human rights activists like Natalia Estemirova and Anna Politkovskaya paid with their lives for this.

But We Want Justice! That’s why RAW (Reach All Women in war) has launched this scholarship campaign


Natalia Estemirova, winner of the first Anna Politkovskaya Award, was a courageous human rights activist and valiant journalist who was abducted and murdered while investigating human rights abuses in Chechnya. She was a gentle, loving woman and a brave truth-teller, who spoke out about the torture, rape and disappearances in Chechnya.

Having previously been a teacher, Natalia believed in the power of education. In her memory, we award scholarship programmes to woman from war who are already involved as activists or journalists, writing about human rights abuses.

RAW must raise £30,000 to enable recipients to build their skills as Human Rights Journalists. This scholarship programme will include a Masters course in Journalism, supported by internships with human rights and journalism organisations

Please, set the truth free and take action now:
- Donate to build up the Scholarship fund. Girls from war and conflict zone cannot afford to pay for their education, flight and living expenses. Make it possible, give them a voice!

- Sign the petition asking the Russian Government to bring Natalia’s and Anna’s murderers to justice http://www.petitiononline.com/NatEstem/petition.html
- Spread the word. Email your friends! Join this cause and check out the campaign's Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Natalia-Estemirova-Scholarship/140207582673120?ref=ts
- If you would like to volunteer for the campaign, contact RAW at [email protected]

1. www.estemirovascholarship.org

2. www.causes.com/causes/519958