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We now have 10,000 members!!!! Let's keep going! Get your friends to join today and we will let Dominion know that we will not stand for these ridiculous rate increases!

Invite your friends to join today!!!!

Hello everyone! We are fast approaching the 10,000 mark!!!! Please ask your friends to join today and we can really show Dominion Power that we oppose this outrageous increase!!! Thank you.


We have reached 5000 members! The hearing for the increase is next month, so invite your friends to join the cause! We have a voice, and it is getting stronger and LOUDER with each new person!!! Let's do what we can to stop this increase NOW!!! Thanks…Read More

Let's make an impact!!!!!!

Please invite all of your friends join us in the Fight against this unreasonable rate increase!!!! The hearing is only a few months away!!!!! The more protest members we have, the better our chances!!!! Thank you all!!!


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