Happy Fathers Day

I have worked for years on changes to family law that will bring the father back into the home that bad policies have driven out. On top of writing and getting legislation introduced in several states I have spoken openly about fatherhood. Every year I make…Read More

Another Set of Published Misstatements

The link below is to an opinion piece that showed up on Cleveland~com this morning. It is always a chuckle to hear the man that blocked the last corrections to Ohio's custody laws spout off. Facts: Don Hubin of NPO refused to make a phone call when SB144…Read More

Shared Parenting Bills Nationwide

Many are talking about the list of "shared parenting" bills that was released by Leading Women of Shared Parenting. Yet no one has analyzed the bills to tell you if the language is any good. We are doing that now and this list will be expanding of the…Read More

Busy week - Did you see the story?

This has been a busy week that showed even more the need to change the laws that govern custody between parents. A Cleveland station ran a story that they labeled Deadbeat Moms, realistically it was not as much a commentary on failings of mothers, but on…Read More

Our Challenge to you

With the clerk current glut of ice bucket challenges, one of which I was challenged to by people that claim they are supportive of changing the custody laws nationally. I'm going to issue my own challenge and it is to everyone that supports changes to the…Read More

Busy week!!!!

This has been a very busy week, followed by a busy weekend. Major updates to the website @ www.ohiofamilyrights.info with many more coming soon. A couple of very large projects that I expect to have done by the first of the week, I can’t say much on…Read More

Saturday July 5th Speaking Engagement

On Saturday I was asked to speak at an event at Luke Easter Park in Cleveland. This video is what I said. There was a rather special guest in attendance who summoned me to speak with her immediately after my comments. When 101 year old Judge Capers points…Read More
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