Literacy Program for Underprivileged Kids! "Like"=2 books donated! Simple, Click the link. And Click "Like" on the Main page. It's as easy as that. If you would like to share with friends at work, etc. When you can't get on FB, The Link is also posted on…Read More

"Like" FRONT page: Elizabeth McGraw Public Page (link below)=2 books for kids! Link can also be found on under "Clicks for books" Thank you! Please spread the word! The Page is Elizabeth McGraw./Public Person I have come to an agreement w/ 2 wholesalers. Every…Read More

Donations of Children's-Youg Adult books accpeted gladly!

If you have books you'd like to pass along. We need books in Readable Condition & all books are appreciated! Please contact me & we'll arrange to get the books. Thank You again. PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE & SPREAD THE WORD! Link to…Read More
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