Done been a while

Welcome to all.. Yes its been a while since I updated but this type of thing only gathers members as its shared amongst friends and others.. I Have been safe on the roads and highways and hope and pray that you all have been as well. I ask myself have I…Read More


Hi All...been a while I hope all have been travelling safe and keeping well away from gravel rash..please keep this cause up and running and pass it on to all friends as its AWARENESS THAT KEEPS US ALIVE ! KEEP THE SHINY SIDE UP !

If bikers didnt see would be like this everywhere

Hope all is well !

I am hoping the holiday season went well for all and that all had a safe and happy time on the seems it might be time for a member drive to make people more aware of us on the please invite all of your friends to join as awareness is the…Read More


With the Christmas holiday season coming at us like a BULLET, I need all to stay SAFE ON THE ROADS and be well AWARE of drivers not AWARE OF US Treat them ALL AS A THREAT to be safe. Perhaps in the new year we will reach 50 thou members..but it TAKES YOU TO…Read More

Hope all are well !

Just a quick note to ask all members to please get thier friends to join the more the better, we have to get the word out to people about us on the road. AWARENESS IS THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE if they all are mebers of this page then perhaps ask them to make thier…Read More

Hello everyone !

Hi its post time as I was locked out of here due to tech problems, solved today by the "cause" team Sydney Oz thanks guys :0) Warmer weather is on its way here in OZ more bikes will be on the roads as usual so please keep BOTH eyes looking for them please?…Read More
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