LiFT - This Ramadhan will you make a difference

Salaamun ALaikum You can help 1,537 refugee families, some with orphaned children this Ramadhan through the LiFT program, the Lady Fatemah Trust's 14th annual Iftaar program. Here is how it works: Each family receives a food basket comprisong of: Rice,…Read More

Will you help this young Lebanese man support his community? Hassan Choueib is 24 years old and works as a nurse in an intensive care unit. Despite his youth, he is the head and only provider of a family of six. He was offered…Read More

EDUCATE - Will you help complete the Imam Mahdi School extention?

Salaams The Lady Fatemah Trust has been supporting the activities of the Imam Mahdi (atfs) School in the village of Jamkaran in Iran for a number of years. Last September, the school commenced the construction of an additional floor at the school at a total…Read More

Will you make a difference today

Salaamun Alaikum Thank you to all our FB Causes members for spreading news of the work of the LFT. By encouraging others to take part in the good work, your efforts are not free of reward, IA. Why not invite your friends to join the group so the work can…Read More

Will you help Rayan Ammar gain a BEng degree

Dear wellwishers Salaamun Alaikum Here is your opportunity to reach out to young boys and girls in Lebanon to complete their education. Without your support they will be forced to undertake menial jobs due to lack of funding to anable them gain a university…Read More

What will you be doing on the evening of the 24 April?

Salaams Would you like to be informed and entertained? Norished and find ways of nourishing others? Would you like to spend the evening in the company of like minded individuals and have memories that will stay with you for a while and show you how you can…Read More

Will you reach out to support the orphans and widows of Gaza

Salaams The besiged and traumatised Palestinians in Gaza continue to struggle to get through their lives on a daily basis. Following the criminal onslaught against them last year conditions have worsened even further with an embargo that prevents the…Read More
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