Rally Announcement

Hi NORMLIANS, I feel the Rally went well, for me it was really a great chance to meet some of you in person, and you cant put a price on that. Being our first event through out the day probably about 20-30 peeps. Had issues with location and the rain, govt…Read More


Yes the Rally is on, rain, hail or shine. No stopping us!

Facebook account deletion

It appears that Facebook has decided to voluntarily delete the NORML AUSTRALIA account. ASSHOLES! So you are able to keep up to date with information and news etc.... Can you please click this link…Read More

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Please invite your friends and help us to help you. It's time for change.

Premier Letter

Our email to the NSW state premier. I urge all of you to send Kristina Keneally this letter except use your name and DO NOT edit content or be abusive. [email protected] Hello Premier. My name is Sean Sylvester and I'm the Chairman of NORML (National…Read More

The first meeting of the newly re-formed NORML Australia.

Well. Today we had the 1st meeting of the newly re-formed Norml Australia Organisation and I think things went very well. A small number of passionate activists attended. Even though some time was spent just getting to know eachother we discussed a broad…Read More

car pooling/hiring of buses should be considered

let's try n network n get as many of us up to the rally,car pooling,hiring of buses etc get in touch with each other via FB
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