New Wine in New Wineskins The Conference 2012

We will be LIVE from Glendale Az from Christ Temple with this great conference on Sept 20 -22. Please let us know if you plan on going so we can provide you with hotel info. please let your friends know. We will have Randy Keyes, Elias Limones, Gary Hogan,…Read More

Added a bunch of sermons to HGR 2 12 2012

Just added a bunch of new sermons to the station, remember that nay sermon you hear on HGR can now be bought in the shop.

the shop is working again

the HGR shop is working again, thank you guys fro supporting our ministry with your sermon purchases, we have about 300 sermons waiting to be added, more are coming.

Tell your friends about us

Please tell all your friends about HGR. We depend on you spreading the word to make this ministry grow. Tell them to join the cause, thank you for your suport. We are almost at 1000 members, no one has been hurt financially yet.

Updates to the android app coming up

We have made some updates to the android app. we will have that available soon. please be patient. thank you for your support and for tuning in.

Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico

Working on raising funds for this church that was started recently, running about 60.…Read More

East Coast Conference 2011

East Coast 2011 starts tomorrow night LIVE on HGR. Make plans to tune in during thse three days. Elder Morton, Ron Garrett, JN Holmes among other great elders will be preaching.
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