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HISTORICAL FACT: The cross was not officially adopted by the Roman Catholic Church until 1675 AD when the Pope and the Cross was voted on by the cardinals and bishops to be Infallible. The vote was not without objections by the voting bishops either. Several objected and were given a false witness that Mary and John were on the Isle of Patamos and that two Roman Spanish leaders of the supposed Catholic Church met them there and got witness that it was a "T" shape cross. Yet when the document was to be produced to prove it, they did not find such a document. Then no mention was made of the work of Constantine to remove all things "Jewish" from the faith and that the made up vision he claimed to have at the bridge before the battle never was reported until 10 years later in 325AD when Eucibus was instructed by Constantine at a party for Christians to add his PHI ROE vision to the account. The Original documentation shows in the Vatican Vault Records that the first and second writing of Eucibus are both in the same records and books. Thus we have many accounts of a "X" being used in Christian Roman art from 350 AD to about 1600 AD. In addition, many accounts show a straight Stake in contrast to the Roman accounts showing the X and later the T shape crosses. The RESEARCH FACTS show that the false witness of Rome was in fact to remove the "JEWISH" accounts and records that proved that the mixture of Mithra and Tammuz along with Apollo sun god worship were designed by Constantine, and progressed with the embracing of other cult members who were forced to join and brought along their idols from paganism. To read the full account of this with the FACTS about what BABYLON MYSTERY RELIGION is vs traditions of men, and the TRUTH of the BIBLE read this book and you will discover that you have been lied to by those pushing a religion in place of worship of the Father in Heaven in Spirit and Truth: FREE JUST RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS - IF YOU WANT A PRINTED COPY LET ME KNOW AND I WILL PUT UP ON OUR PRINTERS SITE TO GET A BOOK OF THIS. Please feel free to share and give unaltered to everyone world wide online via this link. Yah Bless and may you read all this and understand the TRUTH vs TRADITIONS of religions.

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