Orange County Ca GrandParents task force team

Please come and like this page. It's for all grandparents or anyone who has been raised in foster care. I am starting this non profit group for all grandparents , or anyone else who has raised a child not in foster care. It's a great way to talk and help…Read More

Please Read, and invite friends and family to read and join too......

Hi everyone, First of all, I want to thank everyone for joining the cause. Please invite your friends and family to join this cause. The more people are made aware of what these kids are going through, and what is all being taken away from them; helps. We…Read More


Good Monday everyone Please rmember to invite friends and family. Children want a voice. Please help them have a beutiful voice Blessings Tammy Greene

My Friends Story

Hi Everyone, I asked a friend of mine if she would write her story, so I could share it here. So this is her story. ORPHAN AND SEPARATED FROM SIBLINGS AT 12 YEARS OLD I was orphaned and separated from siblings at age of 12. I am the only girl of six…Read More

Ask friends to join

Please ask friends to join this Beautiful Cause. If you love children and want them SAFE. Blessings for keeping children SAFE

Here is a little information I seen passed for grandparents. . The best way any granparent show go into court is PRBATE COURT, NOT FAMILY COURT

Child Custody How important it and what to be aware of Child custody is the legal establishment of the guardianship of a child or minor. If someone has custody of a child, it is their obligation to care for and make decisions for them. Child custody is one…Read More

Please invite your friends to join

Please help me pass the word around,,have your friends join too.please
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