Remove The Page "F**k Israel"

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream

With the hate talk on immigration and the building of an Islamic Community Center, Dr. King's words resonate as strongly today as they did 47 years ago. Please share your thoughts on this important day. What this speech meant to you, how it or people it…Read More

Join the Movement to Wage Peace

The only way to defeat hate is through friendship and understanding. The hope is that peoples of all races, religions, nationalities and sexual orientations join her. The more we learn about each other, the more we will discover we have in common. Join us,…Read More

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream

Instead of giving Glen Beck more attention, lets share what the speech or the dream have meant in our lives. Lets focus the day back where it belongs. No one can take King's dream away from us. Share your stories... spread the dream.

Lets all take the pledge...

A charity was selected for donations that fit with this cause. If you have money to donate, that's great. But more important, I'd like everyone to pledge to stretch out their hand in friendship people of all races, faiths, national origins, sexual…Read More
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