It can happen to anyone at anytime. Domestic Violence crosses racial barriers, social status, financial status. It can happen to anyone at any time.

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Because of the down turn in the economy which has also affected our country, we need to come up with innovative ways of funding. Please support in whatever amoounts you can at any time. Mizpeh needs philanthropists immediately if we are to continue to…Read More

Mizpeh Halfway House -Healing the Hearts of Hurting Woman

We need prayer support as much as we need anything else. Please post a prayer when you can do nothing else. It will be an encouragement to us. Thank You

Voluntary Staff

Our Immediate Need is to Source Voluntary Staff or Contract Staff on a Long Term Basis. Three Such Persons Are Neded ASAP


This humanitarian service needs "all hands on deck" as our expansion programs include many different aspects of assistance to meet our many goals. There iis need for doctors, nurses, teachers, builders, entrepeneurs, retired administrative personnel, if we…Read More


We are thankful for our most recent partners in the cause - Teen Challenge of Trinidad & Tobago This organization has come alongside us at a most crucial time in our history, when we are expanding our services. They are of great assistance to us in many…Read More
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