GARDEN OF EDITH JUST GOT A FAN PAGE!!!!! Now you can become a fan of Garden of Edith and get updates when awesome things are happening! Join the Cause of Changing Africa! You can make a difference

Garden of Edith needs street team!

HEY ALL! Garden of Edith is looking for a street team! theres no much too is just artist who want to be a part of our team. Sell their work on our website and donate a portion of the profit to Africa. We also are in need of Graphic designers to design sick…Read More


Hey guys first I want to thank you so much for joining the Garden of Edith cause! that means so much to me. By joining this group I you are showing that you want to make a difference in africa and you want to change lives and that to me means more than…Read More

Helping Kenya

PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR KENYA THEY JUST WENT INTO A MAJOR CIVIL WAR 5 DAYS AGO!!! 300 are known dead, 70,000 are displaced. (meaning they have no homes now) and 5,400 have fled to Uganda. My our lord help these poor souls! Other civil wars in Africa have…Read More
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