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Sundays Are No Break in a Shelter

Sunday is not a day of rest for at Risk Pets who are usually in solitary in Animal Control Facilities, & don't think there is a break for throw away Animals ~
like in North Carolina where outside cages are provided for people to dump their
unwanted Pets
So usually after a weekend where people can discard of their dog or cat sight unseen & not feel any remorse ~
the outside cages end up exceeding inside capacity~
So a number of dogs & cats inside are executed to make room for the new arrivals

We need your continued help to really make a difference ~
We need to continue to spread the word until we are able to create a rapid response system throughout the country that will pick up Pets ~ who for whatever reason doesn't fit the lifestyle of the people in their lives ~ help us by inviting your friends to become our friends until everyone everywhere who needs to hear this does
Thank you again for supporting this cause

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